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Digital Pocketwatch

Scheduled Time: thu 1230 - 1330 on channel 2
DJs: Shlomit Chelst
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Vintage-ish soul, digital, and indie music sprinkled with some alternative rock.

About: Listen to Digital Pocketwatch for positive vibes and happy times! I play good music (all the time!) and talk about stuff (when I feel like it). The show runs on the theme of perspective, as the show title suggests (did you know your phone is a digital pocketwatch?). Leave with a new favorite song, a new idea, and a better mood. :) I can't wait to talk to you all soon! Peace! Shlomit :P
Guests: Thank you to Tzvi for coming on the show this week! And, as always, thank you to the lovely listeners that called in and made the show extra special! ;)

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09/04/14Shlomit Chelst09/04/14 13:29:06
09/11/14Shlomit Chelst09/11/14 13:22:26
09/18/14Shlomit Chelst09/18/14 13:28:59
10/02/14Shlomit Chelst10/02/14 13:27:11
10/23/14Shlomit Chelst10/23/14 13:39:21
10/30/14Shlomit Chelst10/30/14 13:31:20
11/06/14Shlomit Chelst11/06/14 14:29:15
11/13/14Shlomit Chelst11/13/14 13:28:39
11/20/14Shlomit Chelst11/20/14 13:26:23
12/18/14Shlomit Chelst12/18/14 13:28:55