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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Scheduled Time: tue 1730 - 1800 on channel 2
DJs: Michael Roberts, Nathan Ng
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.

About: This show is about perspective; we think you can't appreciate good music is unless you've also had bad music. Every week we pick songs from a theme/genre and try to classify them as good, bad, ugly, irredeemable, or inoffensive. For the nerds: our show ID is Euler's number.

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09/23/14Nathan Ng09/30/14 17:07:34
09/16/14Nathan Ng09/30/14 22:18:03
09/30/14Nathan Ng09/30/14 19:14:56
10/07/14Nathan Ng11/07/14 17:11:09
10/21/14Nathan Ng11/07/14 17:12:49
10/14/14Nathan Ng11/07/14 17:13:13
10/28/14Nathan Ng11/07/14 17:13:44
11/04/14Nathan Ng11/07/14 17:14:04
11/11/14Nathan Ng11/11/14 19:42:10
11/18/14Nathan Ng11/18/14 19:24:23
11/25/14Nathan Ng11/26/14 00:00:29
12/02/14Nathan Ng12/02/14 19:10:00
12/09/14Nathan Ng12/09/14 19:23:50
12/16/14Mike Silver12/17/14 09:46:32