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Renaissance Radio

Scheduled Time: tue 2200 - 2300 on channel 2
DJs: Devin Savaskan
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Hip-Hop

About: Renaissance Radio is a show that attempts to showcase the greatness of Hip-Hop past present and future. The show which airs from 10-11 PM on Tuesday nights is broken down into 15 minute segments. The first updates listeners on the newest records by well known artists. The next attempts to draw the listeners into rising stars within the game. the next fifteen is the wild card round where DJ Dev-Dollaz has full control to play whatever he wants, along with discuss anything that may come to his ever rambling mind. Finally, the last fifteen minutes is where the show recieves its name. Dj Dev-Dollaz attempts to illustrate that Hip-Hop is on the cusp of a Renaissance as he brings on aspiring brand new artists to freestyle for the prize of having their music to become regular air play.
Guests: Small Boy Wonder- 11/11/14 Jason Mayne- 11/18/14 JA White- 12/2/14

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11/11/14Devin Savaskan12/01/14 22:49:18
11/18/14Devin Savaskan12/01/14 22:58:00