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Dead Air

Scheduled Time: tue 2200 - 2400 on channel 2
DJs: Corey Rennolds
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Ambient / noise / industrial / metal / weird

About: Ominous bellows from the darkest corners of deep space bleed into cacophonies of noise spat forth by grinding industrial machinery and diseased circuit boards. With some other stuff here and there. If you're gonna have nightmares, at least give 'em a good soundtrack. Dead Air is here to provide all the creepiest and nastiest music to help you drift off into the void.

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01/27/15Corey Rennolds01/27/15 23:51:48
02/03/15Corey Rennolds02/03/15 23:50:27
02/10/15Corey Rennolds02/10/15 23:56:48
02/24/15Corey Rennolds02/24/15 23:55:49
03/03/15Corey Rennolds03/03/15 23:57:57
03/10/15Corey Rennolds03/10/15 22:02:04
03/24/15Corey Rennolds03/24/15 23:50:24
03/31/15Corey Rennolds03/31/15 23:35:17
04/14/15Corey Rennolds04/14/15 23:56:57
04/21/15Corey Rennolds04/21/15 23:07:30
05/05/15Corey Rennolds05/05/15 23:55:21