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The Black Hole Show

Scheduled Time: tue 800 - 900 on channel 2
DJs: Rebecca Newkirk
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: post-hipster weirdness

About: basically i play the music you find at 2am after you've spent three hours in the trifecta of music vortices (known as itunes, spotify, and youtube) while you should have been finishing your project due in the morning.

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03/24/15Rebecca Newkirk03/24/15 08:57:54
03/31/15Rebecca Newkirk03/31/15 08:55:25
04/07/15Rebecca Newkirk04/07/15 08:53:02
04/14/15Rebecca Newkirk04/14/15 08:58:42
04/21/15Rebecca Newkirk04/21/15 08:56:53
04/28/15Rebecca Newkirk04/28/15 08:56:49
05/05/15Rebecca Newkirk05/05/15 08:56:13
05/12/15Rebecca Newkirk05/12/15 08:55:00