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It's Always 1994

Scheduled Time: tue 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Christopher Berry, Doug Ticker
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: 90's indie/alt/math/ punk/hardcore/emo /miami bass

About: 120 minutes of the best 90's college rock radio hits, plus a little bit of weird older and current stuff thrown in for good measure. relive a childhood spent not understanding what was going on on liquid television or aeon flux. recommended for fans of pavement, sonic youth, fugazi, slint, cap'n jazz, modest mouse, indian summer, the nation of ulysses, drive like jehu, hoover, three mile pilot, the make-up, chavez, codeine, r.e.m., june of 44, sunny day real estate, mineral, and much, much more.

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01/30/07Christopher Berry01/30/07 23:59:11
02/06/07Christopher Berry02/07/07 00:17:57
02/13/07Christopher Berry02/13/07 23:57:27
02/20/07Christopher Berry02/20/07 23:58:06
02/27/07Christopher Berry02/27/07 23:59:31
03/06/07Christopher Berry03/07/07 00:28:07
03/13/07Christopher Berry03/13/07 23:56:54
03/20/07Pete Smith03/20/07 23:54:54
03/27/07Christopher Berry03/28/07 00:03:35
04/03/07Christopher Berry04/04/07 00:20:45
04/10/07Christopher Berry04/10/07 23:54:58
04/17/07Christopher Berry04/17/07 23:58:32
04/24/07Doug Ticker04/24/07 23:58:08
05/01/07Christopher Berry05/01/07 23:57:17
05/08/07Christopher Berry05/08/07 23:54:11
05/15/07Ben Meyerson05/15/07 23:56:30