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Oops! In The Morning

Scheduled Time: wed 800 - 1000 on channel 1
DJs: Mandy Fraser
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: nineties, pop, indiesex and chicken nuggetry
AIM: subtlemethod

About: i am here to give you a force feeding of formerly overplayed radio hits, or things from tv shows you didn't know you missed, or simply music that is good and good for you to like and want to like. im me with requests. come to visit and bring me vegan chicken nuggets if you're nice.

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01/24/07Mandy Fraser01/28/07 20:41:11
02/07/07Mandy Fraser02/11/07 19:12:31
02/14/07Mandy Fraser02/14/07 10:04:00
02/21/07sss02/21/07 09:56:00
03/07/07Mandy Fraser03/13/07 02:56:02
03/14/07Mandy Fraser03/14/07 10:41:11
02/28/07Mandy Fraser03/14/07 10:41:31
03/28/07Mandy Fraser03/31/07 16:34:28
04/04/07Mandy Fraser04/09/07 15:39:05
04/11/07Mandy Fraser04/16/07 22:49:30
04/18/07Mandy Fraser04/25/07 10:02:32
04/25/07Mandy Fraser04/25/07 10:02:03
05/02/07Mandy Fraser05/16/07 23:52:52