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If you gotta pair of headphones, you better get'em on and get'em cranked up!

Scheduled Time: fri 200 - 400 on channel 1
DJs: Michael Levine
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: cos(rock+jazz) / tan(indie/math) x sin(fusion(pop) + good) + pita pit
AIM: spoon69861

Guests: Jan Zhan (Co-Host)

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02/03/06Michael Levine02/03/06 03:47:17
02/10/06Michael Levine02/10/06 03:57:14
02/17/06Michael Levine02/17/06 04:05:17
03/03/06Michael Levine03/03/06 03:55:04
03/10/06Michael Levine03/10/06 04:01:16
03/17/06Michael Levine03/17/06 04:00:51
03/31/06Michael Levine03/31/06 03:56:03
04/07/06Michael Levine04/07/06 03:52:22
04/21/06Michael Levine04/21/06 03:57:40
04/28/06Michael Levine04/28/06 04:00:37
05/05/06Michael Levine05/05/06 03:53:55
05/12/06Michael Levine05/12/06 02:24:45
05/12/06Michael Levine05/12/06 03:59:35