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Aural Sex

Scheduled Time: tue 1700 - 1800 on channel 2
DJs: Corey Rennolds
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Electronic, psychedelic, experimental, noise, beauty.

About: What does a computer's orgasm sound like? If intelligent life exists beyond our planet, what kind of music would they make? Can we listen to the birth of the universe on our radios? Aural Sex is the best in weird, wonderful music from any time in the last half-century or so. You will not hear this on the VMAs. The many-colored sounds of Aural Sex are anti-consumerist, left-field, mind-expanding, world-distorting, beauty-forming, and always exceptional. Get your ear juices flowin'.

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09/01/15Corey Rennolds09/01/15 17:55:07
09/08/15Corey Rennolds09/08/15 17:57:15
09/22/15Corey Rennolds09/24/15 10:03:31
09/29/15Corey Rennolds09/29/15 17:55:41
10/06/15Corey Rennolds10/06/15 17:53:06
10/13/15Corey Rennolds10/13/15 19:47:09
10/20/15Corey Rennolds10/20/15 17:53:10
10/27/15Corey Rennolds10/27/15 17:59:42
11/03/15Corey Rennolds11/03/15 17:57:43
11/10/15Corey Rennolds11/10/15 18:07:20
11/17/15Corey Rennolds11/17/15 17:55:18
12/01/15Corey Rennolds12/01/15 17:59:18
12/08/15Corey Rennolds12/08/15 17:56:16
12/15/15Corey Rennolds12/15/15 17:58:27