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Come dance with me?

Scheduled Time: tue 1500 - 1600 on channel 2
DJs: Luke Attardi
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Deep house, Trap, Chillwave, Dance, EDM sub-genres

About: On Tuesdays at 3pm on WMUC Digital, Come dance with me as I explore the depths of the house, the excitement of the trap, and chillout while we ride the waves of sound. If you're looking to discover new artists and genre's to rock out to this is the place to be! The possibility of EDM to come out of nowhere and surprise you is highly likely. When the groove takes hold, don't fight it, just put on your dancing shoes and let the music take you away. I look forward to listening to some music with you guys!
Guests: Guest DJ: Tyler Cole aka Pastel Music

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