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Va Va (Va) Voom

Scheduled Time: fri 1400 - 1600 on channel 1
DJs: Kara Sanders, Sarah Stonesifer
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: quality cute music with singalongs

About: "I just happened to be flipping through the channels and stopped on 76, captivated by campus radio, only to hear nonstop lovely music sounding through my speakers. I then proclaimed "Whoever this DJ is, I'm going to marry them!?" You know what show i was listening to? It was va va va va va va va voom. yeah. So guess what Kara Sanders? It's you, I'm going to marry you. And we can share in all our musical similarities!!! Yay! Love, Your favorite bus driver, And new stalker, And wife, Gia"

Archived Playlists

Show DateEntered By Last Modified
01/26/07Sarah Stonesifer01/26/07 15:58:27
02/02/07Sarah Stonesifer02/02/07 16:08:32
02/09/07Sarah Stonesifer02/09/07 16:04:14
02/16/07Kara Sanders02/16/07 16:02:03
02/23/07Kara Sanders02/23/07 16:01:48
03/02/07Kara Sanders03/02/07 15:55:25
03/09/07Christopher Berry03/09/07 15:46:28
03/16/07Sarah Stonesifer03/16/07 15:54:40
03/23/07Sarah Stonesifer03/23/07 16:05:03
03/30/07Sarah Stonesifer03/30/07 15:52:15
04/06/07Kara Sanders04/06/07 16:15:09
04/13/07Sarah Stonesifer04/13/07 15:55:58
04/20/07Kara Sanders04/20/07 16:13:23
04/27/07Saam Bozorgmehr04/27/07 15:07:53
05/04/07Kara Sanders05/04/07 15:55:30
05/11/07Sarah Stonesifer05/11/07 15:54:29
05/18/07Meg Cameron05/18/07 16:01:01