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The Two-Headed Monster

Scheduled Time: fri 1000 - 1200 on channel 1
DJs: Adam Z Winer, Danielle Leikach
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Battlezone (non-genre, or rather all genres)

About: Adam and Danielle, exciting radio hosts, are each convinced that his and her personal tastes are superior to that of the other. Their tastes may be described as falling into a "Venn Diagram-O-Music" which includes a central area of overlapping likes; however, there are certainly differences of opinion constituting the outer circles of this mighty graphic organizer. The battle format keeps us on our toes, always looking for better music to outdo each other. Sometimes we are feeling more peaceable, but sometimes we are vicious. We are always awesome. CHECK IT OUT!
Guests: Friends

Archived Playlists

Show DateEntered By Last Modified
02/03/06Adam Z Winer02/03/06 12:02:32
02/10/06Adam Z Winer02/10/06 10:21:31
02/17/06Adam Z Winer02/10/06 10:45:59
02/24/06Adam Z Winer02/17/06 12:01:12
03/03/06Danielle Leikach02/24/06 12:09:08
03/10/06Adam Z Winer03/03/06 12:04:09
03/17/06Nick Burka03/17/06 11:58:14
03/31/06Adam Z Winer03/31/06 12:04:00
04/07/06Danielle Leikach04/07/06 12:06:30
04/14/06Danielle Leikach04/14/06 12:01:48
04/21/06Adam Z Winer04/21/06 12:01:27
05/05/06Adam Z Winer05/05/06 12:03:22
05/12/06Danielle Leikach05/12/06 12:01:42
05/19/06Danielle Leikach05/19/06 12:07:49