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Scheduled Time: fri 1300 - 1500 on channel 1
DJs: Michael Levy
Description: Playing all jazz all the time (when on the air).
Genre: Jazz

About: Tune in for a mix of all styles of jazz from all eras ranging from well known and popular to rare and obscure.


Guests: Previous guests include (but are not limited to) Braxton Cook, Ben Williams, Matthew Stevens, Joe McCarthy (Afro Bop Alliance), Greg Thompkins, and Jermaine Fowler.

Archived Playlists

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01/29/16Michael Levy01/29/16 15:06:46
02/05/16Michael Levy02/05/16 15:02:59
02/12/16Michael Levy02/12/16 15:09:29
02/19/16Michael Levy02/19/16 15:05:55
02/26/16Michael Levy02/26/16 15:01:57
03/04/16Michael Levy03/04/16 14:49:28
03/11/16Michael Levy03/11/16 14:55:12
03/18/16Michael Levy03/18/16 14:59:13
03/25/16Michael Levy03/25/16 15:07:11
04/01/16Michael Levy04/01/16 14:59:24
04/08/16Michael Levy04/08/16 14:49:16
04/15/16Michael Levy04/15/16 14:44:41
04/22/16Michael Levy04/22/16 15:01:26
04/29/16Michael Levy04/29/16 14:57:10
05/06/16Michael Levy05/06/16 15:06:54