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Start the Riot

Scheduled Time: sun 200 - 400 on channel 1
DJs: Leo Svirsky
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: all things clunky and Soviet

About: Once there was a redheaded man without eyes and without ears. He had no hair either, so that he was a redhead was just something they said. He could not speak, for he had no mouth. He had no nose either. He didn't even have arms or legs. He had no stomach either, and he had no back, and he had no spine, and no intestines of any kind. He didn't have anything at all. So it is hard to understand whom we are really talking about. So it is probably best not to talk about him any more.
Guests: Clive the Sun God, Fey Nightly

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01/28/07Leo Svirsky01/28/07 03:58:21
02/04/07Leo Svirsky02/04/07 07:54:38
02/11/07Leo Svirsky02/11/07 06:46:19
02/18/07Leo Svirsky02/18/07 04:03:22
02/25/07Leo Svirsky02/25/07 03:41:06
03/04/07Leo Svirsky03/04/07 03:58:39
03/11/07Leo Svirsky03/11/07 04:01:22
03/18/07Leo Svirsky03/18/07 03:06:46
03/25/07Leo Svirsky03/25/07 03:57:00
04/01/07Leo Svirsky04/01/07 04:00:24
04/08/07Leo Svirsky04/08/07 03:57:14
04/15/07Leo Svirsky04/15/07 03:59:34
04/22/07Leo Svirsky04/22/07 04:40:49
04/29/07Leo Svirsky04/29/07 04:02:43
05/06/07Leo Svirsky05/06/07 04:09:22
05/13/07Leo Svirsky05/13/07 05:58:11