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Scheduled Time: tue 900 - 1000 on channel 2
DJs: Shlomit Chelst

About: Start your morning with great tunes and positivity! I play new music with vintage vibes. Sometimes I through in a few old classics.

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09/13/16Shlomit Chelst09/13/16 09:48:14
09/20/16Shlomit Chelst09/20/16 09:47:28
09/27/16Shlomit Chelst09/27/16 10:01:11
10/11/16Shlomit Chelst10/11/16 09:48:41
11/01/16Shlomit Chelst11/01/16 09:57:32
11/08/16Shlomit Chelst11/08/16 09:53:01
11/15/16Shlomit Chelst11/15/16 09:58:34
11/22/16Shlomit Chelst11/22/16 09:16:27
11/29/16Shlomit Chelst11/29/16 09:56:16
12/06/16Shlomit Chelst12/06/16 09:58:53