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The Strange Bed-Fellows

Scheduled Time: thu 400 - 600 on channel 1
DJs: DJ Saile, Igor, James McGarry
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Alternative, Indie Rock-Psychedelic:)
AIM: Impulse988

About: On this early, early, early morning show you will hear everything from catchy electro-pop to unearthly cozmic-slop. Some of our sounds will rock you, some may shock you, some might even make you want to dance... most important our songs will make you FEEL. FEELing is healthy for the mind and body. In the course of our mundane, caffeinated lives we need songs that slap us in the face with an army of multi-colored FEELs. We are The Strange Bed-Fellows, and we will feed your head at sunrise.

Archived Playlists

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02/22/07James McGarry02/22/07 06:00:03
03/01/07DJ Saile03/01/07 05:54:53
03/08/07DJ Saile03/08/07 05:50:20
03/15/07DJ Saile03/25/07 16:00:57
03/22/07Shovel Shovelist03/22/07 06:04:46
03/29/07DJ Saile03/29/07 05:59:31
04/05/07James McGarry04/05/07 05:55:09
04/12/07DJ Saile04/12/07 05:56:57
04/26/07DJ Saile04/26/07 05:59:42
05/03/07DJ Saile05/03/07 05:53:19
05/10/07Shovel Shovelist05/10/07 04:14:42
05/17/07Shovel Shovelist05/17/07 06:03:04