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(Street Mix)

Scheduled Time: sat 1900 - 2000 on channel 2
DJs: DJ Samba
Description: Rare and unheard hip hop tracks collected by an overly dedicated DJ
Genre: Hip-hop

About: Ultra rare hip hop 12 inches collected by an overly dedicated DJ. Most shows will have a specific theme. We've taken a look at some of the rarest tracks everywhere from Japan to New York. Listening to (Street Mix) is all the rewards of digging in the crates without the getting dirty.

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10/08/16DJ Samba10/08/16 20:55:08
10/15/16DJ Samba10/15/16 19:11:02
10/22/16DJ Samba10/22/16 19:21:31
10/29/16DJ Samba10/29/16 19:18:01
11/05/16DJ Samba11/05/16 20:01:41
11/12/16DJ Samba11/12/16 19:52:34
11/19/16DJ Samba11/19/16 19:30:19
12/03/16DJ Samba12/03/16 19:47:52