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floating POtUS

Scheduled Time: wed 800 - 900 on channel 2
DJs: Maya Johnston, Amelia Avis
Description: presidential alternative

About: Maya and Amelia explore the lives of past Presidents in an emotional musical journey. Register to vote, kids.

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10/12/16Amelia Avis10/12/16 08:31:00
10/19/16Maya Johnston10/19/16 08:47:13
10/26/16Amelia Avis10/26/16 08:44:58
11/02/16Maya Johnston11/02/16 08:30:04
11/09/16Maya Johnston11/09/16 08:55:39
11/30/16Maya Johnston11/30/16 10:58:50
12/07/16Amelia Avis12/07/16 08:57:46