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Teen Age Riot!

Scheduled Time: sat 0 - 200 on channel 1
DJs: Brad and Eitan
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: power pop, power talk, hip hop, hidden gems from the vinyl vault, appleXcore, shirley, squirrely, melvin, songs about computers and political scandals
AIM: ohbradlewis

About: Friday nights aren't just for losers. Start your weekend with a sugary power pop kick, hosted by two roommates with beards and matching pant sizes.
Guests: Shira Pilarski, Cat Tourangeau, Alex Douglas-Barrera, Elliot Levitt, Gabe Nelson, Sarah Stonesifer, Andrew Grossman, Patrick McLaughlin, Karrie Jefferson, Armida Lowe, Ian Solomon, Hilary Eckert, Aliza Levine, various Trader Joe's products

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02/04/06Brad and Eitan02/04/06 01:57:38
02/11/06Brad and Eitan02/11/06 00:32:11
02/18/06Brad and Eitan02/18/06 01:49:42
02/25/06Brad and Eitan02/25/06 02:16:51
03/04/06Brad and Eitan03/04/06 01:56:55
03/11/06Brad and Eitan03/11/06 01:48:13
03/18/06Brad and Eitan03/18/06 02:00:54
03/25/06Brad and Eitan03/25/06 02:05:18
04/01/06Brad and Eitan04/01/06 02:03:29
04/08/06Brad and Eitan04/08/06 02:07:17
04/15/06Brad and Eitan04/15/06 02:10:14
04/22/06Brad and Eitan04/22/06 13:46:42
04/29/06Brad and Eitan04/29/06 02:04:47
05/06/06Brad and Eitan05/06/06 02:00:49
05/13/06Brad and Eitan05/13/06 01:55:18