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garfield hates mondays

Scheduled Time: mon 1600 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Christopher Berry
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: "experimental"

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Archived Playlists

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05/21/07Christopher Berry05/21/07 17:59:20
06/04/07Christopher Berry06/04/07 18:00:00
06/11/07Christopher Berry06/11/07 17:58:40
06/18/07Christopher Berry06/18/07 18:01:50
07/02/07Christopher Berry07/02/07 18:00:01
07/09/07Christopher Berry07/09/07 18:00:11
07/16/07Christopher Berry07/16/07 17:58:04
07/23/07Christopher Berry07/23/07 17:59:43
07/30/07Christopher Berry07/30/07 18:00:51
08/06/07Christopher Berry08/06/07 17:54:08
08/13/07Christopher Berry08/13/07 17:51:01
08/20/07Christopher Berry08/20/07 17:43:00