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Scheduled Time: fri 1900 - 2000 on channel 1
DJs: DJ Samba
Description: Giving shine to unheard rappers and producers both new and old
Genre: Underground Hip Hop

About: Here at the radio edit, I give shine to seriously underground hip hop artists both new and old. You're just as likely to hear an ultra-rare obscure 12" from the mid-90's here as you are to hear the latest and greatest acts from all over the globe. Are you an up-and-coming artist interested in having your work played live on air? Shoot me an email at sballai [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu. I will listen to any and all promos sent to me. If they're dope, they'll get played. All promos must be CLEAN.

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01/27/17DJ Samba01/27/17 19:39:51
02/03/17DJ Samba02/03/17 20:06:04
02/17/17DJ Samba02/17/17 19:59:17
02/24/17DJ Samba02/24/17 19:15:39
03/03/17DJ Samba03/03/17 19:12:56
03/10/17DJ Samba03/10/17 19:57:40
03/31/17DJ Samba03/31/17 19:44:10
04/21/17DJ Samba04/21/17 19:51:24
04/28/17DJ Samba04/29/17 00:32:56
05/05/17DJ Samba05/05/17 21:02:44
05/12/17DJ Samba05/12/17 22:25:10