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What's On Your Squanch?

Scheduled Time: tue 2300 - 2400 on channel 2
DJs: Andrew Johnston, Sam Sheckells
Description: We take movies and make soundtracks to them. Isn't that squanchy?
Genre: Indie/Soundtrack

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01/31/17Sam Sheckells01/31/17 23:36:31
02/07/17Sam Sheckells02/07/17 23:46:02
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02/21/17Sam Sheckells02/21/17 23:13:46
02/28/17Sam Sheckells02/28/17 23:23:39
03/07/17Andrew Johnston03/07/17 23:32:52
03/28/17Sam Sheckells03/28/17 23:09:41
04/04/17Sam Sheckells04/04/17 23:16:04
04/11/17Sam Sheckells04/11/17 23:12:01
04/18/17Sam Sheckells04/18/17 23:11:58

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