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Digital Pocketwatch

Scheduled Time: thu 1000 - 1100 on channel 2
DJs: Shlomit Chelst
Description: New music with vintage vibes
Genre: blues rock, neo soul, indietronic, deep indie R&B

Guests: Naomi aka The Roommate joins us for our newest segment "FAIL WHALE"

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01/26/17Shlomit Chelst01/26/17 10:53:59
02/02/17Shlomit Chelst02/02/17 10:22:09
02/09/17Shlomit Chelst02/09/17 11:00:59
02/16/17Shlomit Chelst02/16/17 11:03:09
02/23/17Shlomit Chelst02/23/17 10:17:24
03/02/17Shlomit Chelst03/02/17 10:55:37
03/09/17Shlomit Chelst03/09/17 10:57:29
03/16/17Shlomit Chelst03/16/17 10:59:59
03/30/17Shlomit Chelst03/30/17 10:48:38
04/06/17Shlomit Chelst04/06/17 11:07:36
04/20/17Shlomit Chelst04/20/17 11:01:00
04/27/17Shlomit Chelst04/27/17 10:12:45
05/04/17Shlomit Chelst05/04/17 10:59:08
05/11/17Shlomit Chelst05/11/17 11:00:02
05/18/17Shlomit Chelst05/18/17 10:51:01