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Help! We're Trapped in a Radio Station!

Scheduled Time: fri 900 - 1000 on channel 2
DJs: George Srougi, Jake Gluck
Description: We are actually trapped. Please help us.
Genre: Improv

About: Whats going to happen on the show? We don't even know. That's because we make it all up off the top of our heads. Each episode has its own theme, which we explore by talking things out and playing some games. We might have a mystery expert show up, or we might talk about awkward things that happen in our lives. We will cry, we will laugh, and we will ask for help getting out of the radio station, because we are 100% seriously trapped in here. PLEASE let us out!!! Each episode will also contain a few songs we hold close to our hearts. But seriously, someone needs to let us out.

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02/24/17Jake Gluck02/27/17 16:41:03
03/03/17Jake Gluck03/03/17 10:43:13
03/10/17Jake Gluck03/12/17 20:20:21
04/21/17Jake Gluck04/21/17 10:05:40