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The ReCollection

Scheduled Time: sat 800 - 1000 on channel 1
DJs: Allie Frank
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: britpop, power pop, new wave, 80s, world pop, nostalgia
AIM: TheReCollector

About: For those who really love music, it is a very important part of their lives. More specifically, particular songs, albums, bands, concerts, and any other musical experience are strongly linked to memory. For me personally, I have tons of anecdotes about my first obsession with a band (Bush; don’t ask), my preteen concert-hopping years, and tidbits about musicians I like (and some that I don’t). Film is another great passion of mine, and I am not afraid to say that I have fallen in love with songs from films by artists I had never heard of before. Whenever I hear certain songs, they are tied to specific cinematic memories. For I will forever associate Leona Naess’ “Charm Attack,” a catchy pop track, with commercials for the less-than-amusing Freddie Prinze Jr. vehicle HEAD OVER HEELS (2001). The ReCollection is a concept for a radio show that I developed that explores the connection between music and nostalgia. As the host of the program, I urge people to phone in and tell a story about the song or band they are requesting. What does the song mean to them? What does it make them think of when they hear it? In addition, the playlist for any given ReCollection program sometimes has an even more specific concept. It might be completely devoted to a genre of music, a band, a film soundtrack, or anything other grouping of songs—via nostalgia—I can think of. For example, I once devoted a show to bands from Scotland and Ireland. One week, I played songs alphabetically by artist; the theme of my last show of the Fall 2005 semester was love songs.

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02/04/06Allie Frank02/04/06 10:07:39
02/18/06Allie Frank02/18/06 13:20:52
02/11/06Allie Frank02/18/06 13:35:19
02/25/06Allie Frank02/25/06 10:36:01
03/04/06Allie Frank03/04/06 10:03:39
03/11/06Allie Frank03/11/06 10:02:05
04/01/06Mandy Fraser04/01/06 08:49:10
04/08/06Allie Frank04/08/06 09:59:57
04/15/06Allie Frank04/15/06 10:01:07
04/22/06Allie Frank04/22/06 10:03:17
04/29/06Allie Frank04/29/06 10:00:11
05/13/06Allie Frank05/13/06 10:01:19