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Aural Sex

Scheduled Time: mon 1900 - 2000 on channel 1
DJs: Corey Rennolds
Description: Sensual sounds for scrambled circuits
Genre: Psychedelic, electronic, experimental

About: Aural Sex is the best in weird, wonderful music from any time in the last half-century or so---psychedelic, electronic, experimental, industrial, beautiful. Get your ear juices flowin'.

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05/22/17Corey Rennolds05/23/17 13:57:19
07/03/17Corey Rennolds07/04/17 13:38:44
07/10/17Corey Rennolds07/11/17 08:22:42
07/17/17Corey Rennolds07/18/17 12:45:45
07/31/17Corey Rennolds08/01/17 08:11:08
08/07/17Corey Rennolds08/08/17 10:06:38
08/14/17Corey Rennolds08/15/17 07:56:13
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02/01/17Corey Rennolds02/02/17 13:21:00
02/08/17Corey Rennolds02/09/17 14:53:51
02/15/17Corey Rennolds02/16/17 14:42:52
02/22/17Corey Rennolds02/23/17 13:25:21
03/01/17Corey Rennolds03/02/17 14:14:41
03/08/17Corey Rennolds03/09/17 15:00:43
03/15/17Corey Rennolds03/16/17 13:13:24
03/29/17Corey Rennolds03/30/17 14:17:11
04/05/17Corey Rennolds04/06/17 13:27:02
04/12/17Corey Rennolds04/12/17 21:40:25
04/19/17Corey Rennolds04/20/17 14:09:49
04/26/17Corey Rennolds04/27/17 14:13:39
05/03/17Corey Rennolds05/04/17 11:42:32
05/17/17Corey Rennolds05/18/17 15:20:49