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stands for decibels

Scheduled Time: thu 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Bryan Massoff, DECIBELLE
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: dance music, BLOG HOUSE lolzz

About: from 5/31 to 7/5, bryan massoff will be doing a super-fill in and making the show his very own. the rest of the summer will be your very own alex decibels. get psyched.

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05/31/07Bryan Massoff05/31/07 23:57:18
06/21/07Bryan Massoff06/21/07 23:51:57
06/28/07Patrick McLaughlin06/28/07 23:55:46
07/05/07Bryan Massoff07/05/07 23:59:08
07/12/07DECIBELLE07/13/07 00:02:11
07/19/07DECIBELLE07/19/07 23:48:27
07/26/07DECIBELLE07/26/07 22:56:39
08/02/07DECIBELLE08/02/07 23:59:57
08/09/07DECIBELLE08/09/07 23:59:44
08/16/07DECIBELLE08/16/07 23:50:26
08/23/07DECIBELLE08/23/07 23:45:55