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Electric Candle

Scheduled Time: sat 1500 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Dominick
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Hippie music ad infinitum.
AIM: electricandle

About: Direction of any given broadcast can change with the wind. On any given Saturday, the music featured may well reflect the weather, political climate, mood, holiday or historical event...ahem...such as the Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, Jimi Hendrix's birthday or holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. You'll just have to tune in for the "mood du jour."

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05/26/07Dominick05/26/07 17:59:43
06/02/07Dominick06/02/07 17:58:58
06/09/07Dominick06/09/07 17:53:47
06/16/07Dominick06/16/07 19:36:11
06/23/07Dominick06/23/07 18:02:06
06/30/07Dominick06/30/07 21:36:51
07/07/07Dominick07/07/07 18:00:54
07/14/07Dominick07/14/07 17:55:59
07/21/07Dominick07/21/07 17:57:17
08/04/07Dominick08/10/07 17:00:07
07/28/07Dominick07/30/07 03:39:53
08/11/07Dominick08/11/07 23:27:05
08/18/07Dominick08/25/07 05:38:39
08/25/07Dominick08/25/07 21:42:52