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Siddalong Storytime

Scheduled Time: fri 1300 - 1500 on channel 2
DJs: Sidhanth Tuli
Description: One DJ and his guest play music. They guess eachj other themes or maybe they just have inane conversations.
Genre: Weird Stuff

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09/01/17Sidhanth Tuli09/01/17 14:57:48
09/08/17Sidhanth Tuli09/08/17 14:56:03
09/15/17Sidhanth Tuli09/15/17 14:50:18
09/22/17Sidhanth Tuli09/22/17 15:22:05
09/29/17Sidhanth Tuli09/29/17 14:58:21
10/06/17Sidhanth Tuli10/06/17 14:56:49
10/13/17Sidhanth Tuli10/13/17 14:55:49
10/20/17Sidhanth Tuli10/20/17 14:57:39
10/27/17Sidhanth Tuli10/27/17 14:54:01
11/03/17Sidhanth Tuli11/03/17 14:59:00
11/10/17Sidhanth Tuli11/10/17 14:57:23
11/17/17Sidhanth Tuli11/17/17 14:54:18

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