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Function by Design

Scheduled Time: sun 1200 - 1500 on channel 1
DJs: David Johnson
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: electro-house, post- punk, indie dance, with a side of disco, new/neo new wave, rockabilly, and doo- wop

About: It's for those people that need a little boost to their post drunk Sundays (or you can even be drunk for that matter).
Guests: DJ DJ is special enough thank you.

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06/17/07David Johnson06/17/07 15:06:22
06/24/07David Johnson06/24/07 15:02:12
07/08/07Dave Sisson07/08/07 15:22:52
07/15/07David Johnson07/15/07 14:59:53
07/22/07David Johnson07/22/07 15:05:41
07/29/07David Johnson07/29/07 14:53:59
08/05/07David Johnson08/05/07 15:02:11
08/12/07David Johnson08/12/07 15:00:09