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The ƒ-hole

Scheduled Time: fri 1000 - 1100 on channel 2
DJs: Ed Borders

About: Every week on my show, I will try to show that classical music is interesting and diverse by showcasing interesting themes in classical music, including "Classical Music since 1985," "Latin American Composers," "Winter Moods," "Women in Composing," and "Overshadowed Pieces." Also featuring: technical difficulties, awkward jokes Week 1: Classical Music since 1985; Week 2: Angry Music; Week 3: Here There Be Mountain Goats; Week 4: Halloween Special; Week 5: Overshadowed Pieces; Week 6: Ferde Grofé's All-American Road Trip; Week 7: Women in Composing; Week 8: Water!; Week 9: Curse of the Ninth

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