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Night of the Living Leather Jackets

Scheduled Time: sat 1300 - 1400 on channel 2
DJs: Yvette Meyers
Description: Angry and/or sad music from femme / queer / genderqueer / local bands
Genre: Punk, Garage, Grunge, Emo, Shoegaze, Alternative

About: Your one-stop-shop for all the best in punk, grunge, garage, shoegaze, emo, and other loud and fuzzy music from femme, queer, and genderqueer musicians. We will also be playing new music from local and up-and-coming artists of all kinds so keep an ear out! Some cool features: - Lots of great music - A lovely host - Interviews with local musicians - Archive of previous show playlists at - Soon will have archive of previous shows including recorded interviews, etc - We take requests! Call in if you want to hear a song

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10/07/17Yvette Meyers10/07/17 13:49:15
11/04/17Maura Beste11/04/17 13:13:24