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Crunch Time

Scheduled Time: mon 1600 - 1700 on channel 1
DJs: Jay Kinnaman
Description: A different subgenre of rock every week.
Genre: Rock

About: Every week we dive into a different subgenre of rock music. Always starts with the "Weekly Weezer"

Archived Playlists

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01/29/18Jay Kinnaman01/29/18 16:21:27
02/05/18Jay Kinnaman02/05/18 16:20:14
02/12/18Jay Kinnaman02/12/18 16:12:58
02/19/18Jay Kinnaman02/19/18 16:44:31
02/26/18Jay Kinnaman02/26/18 16:28:49
03/05/18Jay Kinnaman03/05/18 16:11:57
03/12/18Jay Kinnaman03/12/18 16:27:05
03/26/18Jay Kinnaman03/26/18 16:35:10
04/02/18Jay Kinnaman04/02/18 16:08:54
04/09/18Jay Kinnaman04/09/18 16:51:15
04/16/18Jay Kinnaman04/16/18 16:10:00
04/23/18Jay Kinnaman04/23/18 16:20:51
04/30/18Jay Kinnaman04/30/18 16:53:28
05/07/18Jay Kinnaman05/07/18 16:11:01
05/14/18Jay Kinnaman05/14/18 16:12:08