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Dave's Record Collection

Scheduled Time: sat 1800 - 2200 on channel 1
DJs: Dave Sisson
Description: New & old music from my personal collection and more!

About: Rock, blues, country, Americana, comedy... etc. A variety of themes often featured.

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01/27/18Dave Sisson01/27/18 21:54:28
02/03/18Dave Sisson02/03/18 21:57:42
02/10/18Chris Sisson02/10/18 21:41:34
02/17/18Dave Sisson02/17/18 21:54:04
02/24/18Dave Sisson02/24/18 21:56:08
03/03/18Dave Sisson03/03/18 21:53:27
03/10/18Dave Sisson03/15/18 19:27:38
03/17/18Dave Sisson03/17/18 22:21:01

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