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Street Anger Radio

Scheduled Time: tue 1600 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Christopher Berry, Doug Ticker
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: for people who like streets and also anger. post-(genre), broadcast performance art, inside jokes, lots and lots of interviews
AIM: chrisertation

About: we pledge to play the best of all music, especially new and weird music. also, metallica's "st. anger". my lifestyle determines my deathstyle.
Guests: TAY ZONDAY interview (September 4)

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09/04/07Christopher Berry09/04/07 17:59:38
09/11/07Christopher Berry09/11/07 17:58:41
09/18/07Christopher Berry09/18/07 17:57:22
09/25/07Christopher Berry09/25/07 17:56:37
10/02/07Christopher Berry10/02/07 17:57:14
10/09/07Christopher Berry10/09/07 17:52:56
10/16/07Christopher Berry10/16/07 17:51:47
10/23/07Christopher Berry10/23/07 20:45:04
10/30/07Christopher Berry10/30/07 17:53:40
11/06/07Christopher Berry11/06/07 17:56:40
11/13/07Christopher Berry11/13/07 18:03:21
11/20/07Christopher Berry11/20/07 17:52:41
11/27/07Christopher Berry11/27/07 17:56:36
12/04/07Christopher Berry12/02/07 00:04:16
12/11/07Christopher Berry12/11/07 17:57:32
12/18/07Christopher Berry12/18/07 18:00:05