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Pretty Much Just K-POP

Scheduled Time: sun 1800 - 1900 on channel 2
DJs: Autumn Young, Christina Lingfu
Description: The latest and greatest in Korean pop music
Genre: Pop, Comedy

About: Tune in to listen to and discuss the latest and greatest Korean pop music hits with DJs Autumn and Christina! Explore the vast expanse of the genre and learn more about idol culture.

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01/28/18Christina Lingfu01/28/18 19:29:43
02/04/18Christina Lingfu02/04/18 20:07:07
02/11/18Christina Lingfu02/11/18 20:04:20
02/18/18Christina Lingfu02/18/18 20:16:55
02/25/18Christina Lingfu02/25/18 20:15:32
03/04/18Christina Lingfu03/04/18 20:20:14
03/11/18Christina Lingfu03/11/18 22:59:01
04/01/18Christina Lingfu04/01/18 20:01:52
04/08/18Christina Lingfu04/09/18 20:42:50
04/15/18Christina Lingfu04/15/18 20:52:29
04/22/18Christina Lingfu04/24/18 14:55:06
04/29/18Christina Lingfu04/29/18 20:15:07
05/06/18Christina Lingfu05/06/18 20:49:54
05/13/18Christina Lingfu05/13/18 19:45:42