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Half and Half

Scheduled Time: mon 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Stephen Fleg
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Pop Funk

About: On this show funk music is played. So is soul music. So is occasional japanese pop, as the Transition record, which comes in between the American and Brazilian section and can be of any genre or country thinkable. I play Brazilian funk and soul music as well as samba.
Guests: My vinil friends.

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09/05/07Jeremy Spekman09/05/07 01:03:23
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09/26/07Stephen Fleg09/26/07 01:59:37
10/03/07Jeremy Spekman10/03/07 01:59:00
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10/24/07Stephen Fleg10/24/07 02:03:47
10/31/07Jeremy Spekman10/31/07 01:59:09
11/07/07Stephen Fleg11/07/07 01:57:54