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Doge Days

Scheduled Time: wed 1700 - 1800 on channel 2
DJs: Parshya Kavoosi
Description: New dog breed each week = new jams

About: We choose a different dog breed each week and then play songs that relate to that dog breed...tune in to find out more ;)
Guests: David Cricchi - unofficial co-host

Archived Playlists

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09/12/18Parshya Kavoosi09/12/18 17:54:41
09/19/18Parshya Kavoosi09/19/18 17:56:45
09/26/18Parshya Kavoosi09/26/18 17:54:46
10/03/18Parshya Kavoosi10/03/18 17:56:48
10/10/18Parshya Kavoosi10/10/18 17:54:58
10/17/18Parshya Kavoosi10/17/18 17:55:51
10/24/18Parshya Kavoosi10/24/18 17:54:23
10/31/18Parshya Kavoosi10/31/18 17:52:31
11/07/18Parshya Kavoosi11/07/18 17:54:04
11/14/18Parshya Kavoosi11/14/18 17:56:21
11/28/18Parshya Kavoosi11/28/18 17:55:41
12/05/18Parshya Kavoosi12/05/18 17:57:30
12/12/18Parshya Kavoosi12/12/18 17:55:17