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The Community Garden

Scheduled Time: thu 2300 - 2400 on channel 2
DJs: Dylan Fishbein, Matt O'Brien
Description: Join Matt and Dylan in exploring our favorite activities, floral features, people on campus, and musical artists.
Genre: Talk / Funk / Reggae

Guests: (10/11/18) Jake Wills and Stevie Wonder (10/18/18) Winston Miller and Culture

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10/11/18Matt O'Brien10/16/18 11:31:57
10/25/18Matt O'Brien10/21/18 15:28:32
10/18/18Matt O'Brien10/29/18 10:32:52
11/01/18Matt O'Brien11/09/18 03:24:03
11/08/18Matt O'Brien11/09/18 03:27:26