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Slippery Sunsets

Scheduled Time: wed 1400 - 1500 on channel 1
DJs: Matthew Finlaw
Description: groovy waves breaking into sound of the surf, sun, and all in between

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10/17/18Matthew Finlaw10/17/18 15:52:11
10/24/18Matthew Finlaw10/26/18 19:51:14
10/31/18Matthew Finlaw11/01/18 12:48:14
11/07/18Matthew Finlaw11/09/18 13:54:25
11/14/18Matthew Finlaw11/14/18 17:40:38
12/05/18Matthew Finlaw12/06/18 13:28:03
11/28/18Matthew Finlaw12/06/18 13:34:31