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The Interdimensional Brainblast

Scheduled Time: sun 1400 - 1600 on channel 1
DJs: Matt Phillips
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Folk, Drone, Classical, World, Psychedelia, Experimental music

About: This is the show you'd want to listen to upon waking, when the haze of dream still hangs over your eyes like a veil waiting to be lifted by the light of the sun and the breeze of the oncoming day, so that your mind can ease into whatever struggles it must undergo with a moment of peace. It sounds like the voices of dream fading out into the subconscious, or melody, moving on the undulant planes beyond existence, or a rhythm, suspended in the ether between the ancient and the now.

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09/16/07Matt Phillips09/16/07 14:54:28
09/23/07Matt Phillips09/23/07 14:46:48
09/30/07Jaren Love09/30/07 14:57:42
10/07/07Matt Phillips10/07/07 14:53:57
10/28/07Matt Phillips10/28/07 16:02:27
11/04/07Matt Phillips11/04/07 15:58:23
11/11/07Matt Phillips11/11/07 15:51:04
11/18/07Jenna11/18/07 14:07:08
11/11/07Matt Phillips11/18/07 15:53:30
12/02/07Jenna12/02/07 15:57:27
12/09/07Carter Thomas12/09/07 14:35:40
12/16/07Matt Phillips12/16/07 16:00:35