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The NEW Funktakular Suprise

Scheduled Time: mon 400 - 600 on channel 1
DJs: Katherine Witt
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: The most random show you will ever hear, I Promise!
AIM: reconditesole

About: Remember when radio mattered? Probably not because you weren't born in the 1930's. At WMUC it does, and this is why "The NEW Funktakular Suprise", along with all of the other great WMUC programs, is on the air. College radio is here to save the day. Come witness.

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10/01/07Katherine Witt10/01/07 06:04:10
10/08/07Katherine Witt10/08/07 06:00:56
10/22/07Katherine Witt10/22/07 06:04:51
10/29/07Kyle Lucas10/29/07 05:58:15