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Queer Quorner

Scheduled Time: sat 0 - 300 on channel 1
DJs: C.J. Rock, Scott La Cross
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Queer music and Queer talk.
AIM: QueerQuorner

About: Queer Quorner is expression of the queer campus community with a focus on current queer issues, queer culture and especially music. Part talk/call-in, part music. We give information about safe sex, queer issues and events in the area. Also, our own personal quirks and vendettas will shine through. Who knows, we might even get married...
Guests: Eric "Roxy" Jones, Drag Queen Weather & Traffic Reporter Extraordinaire ... and who knows who else!

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10/06/07Scott La Cross10/06/07 02:40:57
10/13/07Scott La Cross10/13/07 02:22:24
10/20/07Scott La Cross10/20/07 02:41:59
10/27/07Scott La Cross10/27/07 07:03:51
11/03/07Scott La Cross11/03/07 02:54:53
11/10/07Scott La Cross11/10/07 02:54:31
11/17/07Scott La Cross11/21/07 17:50:17
12/01/07Scott La Cross12/07/07 16:18:14
12/08/07Scott La Cross12/08/07 13:42:03