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Striving for the Sauce

Scheduled Time: thu 2000 - 2100 on channel 1
DJs: Daniel McGarvey
Description: internet music

About: Hi I'm danny and I lilke to listen to internet music of many genres including but not limited to trap, phonk, wave, breakcore, future garage, house, and ambient. On this show I will be playing selections from these underappreciated genres in an attempt to attain the sauce, and I will also do live mixes with my gamecube controller once or twice a month to make things more interesting. Enjoy!

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09/05/19Daniel McGarvey09/20/19 16:13:00
09/12/19Daniel McGarvey09/12/19 21:00:45
08/29/19Daniel McGarvey09/15/19 15:50:49
09/19/19Daniel McGarvey10/17/19 19:29:20
09/26/19Daniel McGarvey09/26/19 20:52:03
10/03/19Daniel McGarvey10/03/19 20:58:32
10/10/19Daniel McGarvey10/10/19 20:55:57
10/17/19Daniel McGarvey10/17/19 21:01:23
10/24/19Daniel McGarvey10/24/19 20:54:42
10/31/19Daniel McGarvey10/31/19 20:59:05
11/07/19Daniel McGarvey11/07/19 20:58:53
11/21/19Daniel McGarvey11/21/19 20:58:26
12/05/19Daniel McGarvey12/05/19 20:57:04
12/12/19Daniel McGarvey12/18/19 01:24:27