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still single still pringle

Scheduled Time: thu 1700 - 1800 on channel 2
DJs: Sarwat Kazmi
Description: a continuation from Spring 2019's show, 'single as a pringle', where the remaining host discusses life and what not as someone who is not only single, but alone

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08/29/19Sarwat Kazmi10/31/19 00:59:43
09/05/19Sarwat Kazmi10/31/19 01:01:00
09/12/19Sarwat Kazmi10/31/19 01:06:08
09/19/19Sarwat Kazmi10/31/19 01:07:48
09/26/19Sarwat Kazmi10/31/19 01:10:09
10/03/19Sarwat Kazmi10/31/19 01:12:41
10/10/19Sarwat Kazmi11/02/19 18:48:25
10/17/19Sarwat Kazmi11/02/19 18:56:16
10/24/19Sarwat Kazmi11/02/19 19:11:28