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Gay Insomniac

Scheduled Time: fri 0 - 100 on channel 2
DJs: Duston Mazzella
Description: A gay man with "music taste" who's tired.
Genre: Music and Talk

About: Show's insta @gayinsom Be gay and tired with me. I play a variety of music, ranging from rock, indie electronic, to metal, EDM, and anything I well please. It's music that either helps me stay awake or I try and listen to to help me sleep - either way the cold brew I've had too late in the day is gonna keep me up. Ask me about being Gay! - Where people can submit anonymous questions they have about being a gay man. It’s a judgement free, safe space for people to ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking in person and we will address then and answer them. We will have different guests that come on from different intersections of the LGBTQA+ community answering questions and starting dialogues that will help demystify the homosexual agenda. Link to questionnaire posted here and on the gram @gayinsom
Guests: TBD - will be announced the week before.

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