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Striving for the Sauce

Scheduled Time: wed 2300 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Daniel McGarvey
Description: Soundcloud scene coming up💯💯

About: I try to highlight different producers that are all connected through the internet. Genres vary anywhere from ambient to trap to house to breakcore and many others.

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09/16/20Daniel McGarvey10/08/20 00:00:20
09/23/20Daniel McGarvey09/23/20 23:59:27
10/07/20Daniel McGarvey10/07/20 23:58:14
10/14/20Daniel McGarvey10/14/20 23:55:16
10/21/20Daniel McGarvey11/04/20 23:41:58
10/28/20Daniel McGarvey10/28/20 23:59:20
11/04/20Daniel McGarvey11/04/20 23:58:20
11/18/20Daniel McGarvey11/18/20 23:59:51