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Wayward Kids

Scheduled Time: tue 1600 - 1700 on channel 2
DJs: Ethan Vanorden
Description: Ethan plays lots of rock/some metal/whatever other weirdness he feels like and tells you all about it (time permitting).
Genre: Emo/Punk/Hardcore/"Independent/Indie Rock"

About: Join host Ethan Vanorden as he plunges into the "Wayward Kids" of music. Or maybe the title's not that deep and he just plays whatever he feels like. It's like show and tell, you listen to whatever Ethan wants to play and then he'll talk excitedly about it. If you want rock radio outside the "classic rock" paradigm (or indeed the misery of whatever "radio rock" is), here's the place for you. Unless Ethan wants to play Noisecore or Drone Ambient the whole time. It's a surprise! Whatever you're listening to, expect it to come with a lot of love and enthusiasm for the artists involved. You can submit music (yours, someone else's, whatever!) to Ethan at Be advised that this is no different than sending Ethan a personal music recommendation - If he doesn't like it, it's probably not making it to air. Also be advised that Ethan wrote this whole profile himself in the third person like the pretentious monster he is.

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