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Airport Jungle Juice

Scheduled Time: fri 2200 - 2300 on channel 1
DJs: Emma Mirizio, Jesse Parreira
Description: A show where anyone can add music!

About: Much like the liquid disposal station before airport security, Airport Jungle Juice playlists have a little bit of everything. All playlists are collaborative, so the music played is a chaotic mix of a bunch of people's tastes. Each week has a new theme!

Recent Playlists

Show DateEntered By Last Modified
09/03/21Emma Mirizio09/03/21 22:27:05
09/10/21Emma Mirizio09/10/21 22:31:02
09/17/21Emma Mirizio09/17/21 22:49:56
09/24/21Jesse Parreira09/24/21 22:27:32
10/01/21Jesse Parreira10/01/21 22:28:25
10/08/21Jesse Parreira10/08/21 22:50:49
10/15/21Emma Mirizio10/15/21 22:17:52
10/22/21Jesse Parreira10/22/21 22:35:18

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