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Punk Punk Goose

Scheduled Time: sat 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Sean the Suspect
Description: Free format, local, interviews & more
Genre: Rock mostly, but a little bit of almost everything else

Guests: Big Tony (Trouble Funk) & John Stabb (Government Issue) are just a few of the folk who've joined us in the studio back in the good old days. We've had actor Donal Logue & crust punk pioneer John Fox (United Mutation) dial in. Super proud of guests we've involved in the show.

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01/22/22Sean the Suspect01/21/22 09:49:51
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11/13/21Sean the Suspect11/12/21 17:37:14
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11/27/21Sean the Suspect11/27/21 15:25:18
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12/18/21Sean the Suspect12/22/21 11:18:19
12/25/21Sean the Suspect12/24/21 12:21:23